Tech Task #1 for ECMP 355

My Personal Background

Hi! My name is Angele Delorme. I was born and raised in the area of Tisdale, SK. I went to school from Kindergarten to grade 5 in Sylvania and went to school in Tisdale from grades 6 to 12. From there, I moved on to the University of Regina, where I am currently completing my fourth year in the Early Childhood Education Program, which focuses on Pre-K to grade 3.

My favourite things to do in my spare time are to read, watch movies, do jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku puzzles, watch random YouTube videos, and play Solitaire on my computer. It sounds boring but I love it.

I am a lover of animals and rainy days. There is nothing better than standing out in the rain, especially if it is a warm rain. I play the flute and the keyboard. I love spending time outdoor, hiking, camping, and playing sports, especially volleyball and soccer.

I am an organized person, but chaoticly so. My room is a mess but I know where mostly everything is, unlike my sister who’s room is neat and tidy, but can never find anything she is looking for. I am a quite soul but open up once I get to know someone. I am a perfectionist of sorts, but I am also a procrastinator. I thrive on leaving things to the last minute. Studying for finals in high school and first year of university involved a brief look over my notes a few times the day before and then a cram session a few hours before I wrote the final. This is the way I found helps me do the best on finals because I have trouble focusing before this point. However, I have been getting better at finishing assignments early being at university, otherwise, things get crazy.

Anyways, this is just a bit about me. Through this blog, I am sure you will get to know even more, so enjoy!

Summing Up My Previous Experiences With Technology

Growing up, I always loved going on the computer, whether at school using it to learn or at home using it to play games and pass the time. Discovering the internet was great. I loved to go on and check my email, watch videos, play even better games, etc. It wasn’t so fun using the computer for homework but often I didn’t mind, especially if it meant I could explore and learn more about a topic.

Coming to university was the best time of my life because I actually got high speed. Back home, all my parents had was dial up. It was super slow and annoying, not to mention the fact that we could only go on the internet if we had homework to complete. So not cool! Now that I have high speed, I feel like my technological horizon has expanded. I spend a lot of time on YouTube, I have a Twitter account, Wiki account, Prezi account, and now a blog. I feel like over the past three and a half years my knowledge of technology has grown and grown and grown, and continues to grow.

My Feelings on Technology in the K-12 Classroom

At this point in my life, I feel that technology is a huge asset to have in the classroom. It is a tool that, if understood and used properly, can make teaching easier for the teacher and learning easier for some, if not all, of the students. There are many different ways to learn and using technology can address some of those ways, for example using videos, pictures, audio clips, music, etc.

However, when using technology, you have to keep in mind the fact that technology sometimes fails. I have had this happen a few times in the classroom. Sometimes the video you are showing stops working part way through. You have to think about making sure all students can see and hear. This may require rearranging the classroom. Sometimes the Smart Board doesn’t work properly. The Smart Table, which is like a Smart Board but in table form, is difficult for younger students to use because you need so much pressure to move things on the board. While technology can be great, it also has its problems.

I think it is important to incorporate technology in the classroom. Your students are already using technology, and often times, one or two could show you some things you didn’t even know. We should take what many of our students are interested in, technology, and use that interest to our benefit. It is important to give guidelines so students know what is expected but allowing them to explore within certain boundaries is important too. They need to see what they can do and it is your job as the teacher to show them. Also, I think using technology is not always the best way to teach a lesson or topic. If you overuse it, it loses it benefit. You should choose your method of instruction carefully.

Technology is all around us. New technology is coming out all of the time. It is your job as a teacher to make sure your students understand how to use that technology safely. If it is a daily item in your classroom, I feel it would be beneficial discussing, especially with older students, proper and improper uses of different forms of technology. Also, come up with a set of rules together as a class to follow when using technology in the classroom. Technology can be great but, like any tool, it must be used carefully and thoughtfully.

My Expectations Regarding ECMP 355

From this class, and from Alec, I expect to get a better understanding of technological tools I may already know how to use, as well as to gain knowledge on those I don’t know how to use or have never even heard of before. I want to learn about tools that may help me in my personal life, my professional life (such as meeting and conversing with other teachers), and in teaching my students/use in the classroom. I would also like to learn about a wide range of technological tools that are easy to use and (hopefully) easy to understand.

In this class, I hope to gain a greater understand of different forms of technology, both for personal use and for use in the classroom. I also hope to add to my technological toolkit a wide variety of technological tools. I hope to start a journey with technology that I will lead me in continuing to grow and learn about technology in the future.

Overall, I feel I am pretty knowledgeable about technology, however, I am always willing to learn more and hope that this class will help me to do just that!

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