A Great Movie

I went to the movie I Am Number Four this afternoon. It was awesome. I would give it a 10/10. When I watch a movie and immediately want to watch it again, I know it was good. It was a very interesting and engaging movie, with a little bit of everything from crazy action and fighting scenes to romance to comedy. There were some tear-jerking moments, some ‘make you jump’ parts and some slightly gory parts. Overall, a great movie. It was anything I could have asked for as a ‘get away and relax’ movie. Well worth the $9.00.

I would greatly recommend this movie. If you happen to have seen it already or are planning to see it, let me know what you think/thought. My sister went with me and didn’t like it as much as I did .She did give it 8/10 though so it couldn’t have been too bad (she said she took off points because I dragged her to the movie with me. However, she is dragging me to Beastly next weekend so I think we are even).

Another movie recommendation is The Losers. Probably my favourite of 2010. I watch this movie way too much (I have it on DVD).

Anyways, back to the homework. Why is there so much?

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation – now I just have to get to a theatre one of these days. Finding it harder and harder with three little ones! 🙂

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