my cactus

I was sitting out in the living room and happened to see my cactus. It is a fishhook cactus, just a baby one. When I came back from reading break, I had noticed that my cactus flowered. I was so excited because this was only the second time since I got it about a year ago. Anyways, I took some pictures but forgot to post them. So here they are.

These are not the best pictures (they’re kinda blurry) but hopefully they capture some of the beauty. Here is a link to a really nice picture of what my cactus looked like (the first picture). Also, the plastic container that my cactus is sitting in has a story behind it. My cactus sit on top of the tv in the living room where it can get lots of light. One day, I was rushing to get the phone and my sleeve caught on one of the cactus hooks, causing it to crash to the floor. The glass pot my cactus was in shattered (and I didn’t even get to the phone in time) so I had to make due and a plastic container got the job.

Right now, the flowers are pretty much gone but I still like how it looks. A bonus of having a cactus ffor a plant is that I can go a month without watering it (I have done this numerous time) and it won’t die. In fact, it looks healthier than ever afterwards. Plus the fact that I dropped my cactus and it’s fine shows how hardy they are.

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