Movie Adventures

Tonight I went to the movie Beastly. However, there is a story as to how it came to be I went to the movie tonight rather than on the weekend. You see, we (my sister, her friend and I) did go to the movie on Saturday. While at the movie we had a, well, lets just call it an unfortunate adventure. We decided to go to the 1:50 showing of Beastly at the Galaxy Cinemas here in Regina. Anyways, we are sitting in the theatre, waiting for the movie to start, with only 10 minutes to go, and the fire alarm goes off. I know, right. I couldn’t believe it. So, everyone piles out of the theatre and you can see smoke in the lobby, but they tell us they just burnt the popcorn and send us back it. About 2 minutes before the movie begins, two ladies come in and tell us there was a small fire in one of the popcorn machines but they put it out and we would all get free movie tickets for the inconvenience. I’m just thinking, “Cool. Now please start the movie.”

So, they start the movie. About 15-20 minutes in, they stop it. A guy comes in and tells us they will start the movie in a little bit, they are just waiting for the lights to stop flashing (from the alarm going off earlier). A note: you couldn’t even tell the lights were flashing when the movie was playing. So, we are sitting there, waiting for the movie to start, when the same guy comes in and tells us they will not be starting the movie again. No explanation, just the comment that we can either get a free ticket or a refund at the front desk.

So, there’s my story of why I went to the movie tonight. Anyways, the movie was okay. I thought I would like it better. I would probably give it a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. Basically, if you are up for a romance with too many cliches and cheesy moments, this is the movie for you. I probably would not watch it again, unless I was really bored. Kind of disappointing considering the trouble I had to go through just to see it. My sister and her friend both loved it though so I guess it just depends if you like romances or not (I much prefer action and adventure over predictable romance). I should note though that there were some really funny parts.

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