Computer Problems

This is the first time I’ve had access to the internet since Friday afternoon. My computer got a virus on it that prevents me from opening my Safari and that spams my Internet Explorer so web pages won’t open. It has been stressful not having internet access. It really made me realize how reliant I am on it. I took my computer in yesterday and should have it back in a few days. Until then, I will be borrowing my sister’s computer during the day while she is doing her three week block for pre-internship.

On the plus side, there was a benefit to losing my internet access. While it prevented me from accessing my blog and working on my wiki for my final project, I did get a lot of non-internet work done. Not having the distraction on the internet was good for my work ethic. I still was able to access files on my computer and my Microsoft Word so I worked on assignments that had to do with that. I got finished an interpretative notebook entry, not even do until Thursday. I finished half of a ten page paper and have the rest planned out, just waiting to be typed up. I got another eight to ten page paper planned and started. I got a number of readings done that had been kind of left behind. I got my novel sharing planned out. I was on a role.

Side story–>For my ECE class, we have to do a novel sharing. I ended up writing down two different days, March 21st and March 28th, and yesterday was unsure which day I presented my novel. Anyways, I got it ready just in case I went yesterday but I was pretty sure I didn’t go until the 28th. Needless to say, I had to go yesterday so I was thanking the Lord that I planned out what I was going to say. I’m pretty sure it was bad because I was kind of unprepared but I think overall it wasn’t a complete fail. At least I had something prepared.

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  1. So … you are using Safari on a Windows machine?

    • I don’t actually use Safari, unless my Internet Explorer is really acting up and I am desperate, which is why I tried it when my Internet Explorer was spammed from this virus. I just wanted to see if it would work. Safari is more just on my computer because it installed on my computer when I downloaded my iTunes years ago.

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