Tech Task #10 for ECMP 355

Social Media & Collaboration–What it means for me as an educator?

In today’s world, social media & collaboration are topics of importance. They are a way to connect and share that helps educators become better at what they do through learning from others and helping others. I often hear the expression, “Why reinvent the wheel?” This definitely makes sense. If we can share what we have, why wouldn’t we, especially if it is a really good idea, lesson, resource, etc. Dean Shareski discusses this idea of sharing in his 2010 Preconference Keynote Sharing: The Moral Imperative for the 2010 K12 Online Conference (for more information, visit my post on this video).

Sir Ken Robinson, in his talk on Changing Education Paradigms, discussed how “most great learning happens in groups. The collaboration is the stuff of growth.” While he was talking about students in our education system, I think this also applies to educators. We learn best when we share our knowledge and resources with other educators.

Ways I Connect

There are many ways to collaborate with educators around the world. Some of the ways that I use currently to connect are Twitter, blogging here on WordPress, Google Reader, and Diigo. Some of these tools I use more often than others but I find each is useful in its own way.

Ways You Can Connect

Below are a list of social networking sites that I found to be interesting. There are many more out there but these are the some that stood out to me and that I would consider using in my future classroom.

  1. Diipo-an education-based social networking site
  2. EDU2.0-an online course management system similar to Moodle
  3. SymbalooEDU-the “EDU” version of the popular visual organizing and sharing tool Symbaloo
  4. Edmoto-almost like an educational Facebook. This article discusses why you should use Edmoto in your classroom. It definitely made me interested.

The blog post 25 Excellent Social Media Sites for Teachers list 15 social media sites you can share with your students and 10 sites for educators alone. There are a number of sites that you may find of interest here.

Benefits and Guidelines to Using Social Media

In terms of social media, there are many reasons why to use social media sites. One article I visited discussed the fact that “students who are already engaging in social networking could benefit from incorporating it into curriculum” (para. 3). This article also discussed the fact that through the use of social media, “teachers are able to increase students’ engagement in their education, increase technological proficiency, contribute to a greater sense of collaboration in the classroom, and build better communication skills” (para. 6).The best part about social networking is that it benefits not only students, but also “provides new opportunities for communication amongst teachers and administrators” (para. 12), thus aiding in the sharing of resources amongst educators.

For more information, see the links below. Also, do your own research. There is a lot of information out there and this blog post only scratches the surface.

Teachers Embracing Social Media in the Classroom-an interesting article on social media

Social Networking for Teachers wiki-this wiki not only provides information about social networking, but is also an example of how social networking can be use to collaborate and share information between educators

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. What is your take on social networking and collaboration? Is is good or bad? How would you use it in your classroom or in other areas?

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