I’m finally finished the research for my Religious Studies paper (due in one week). All I can say is “WOW”. I forgot how time consuming it is to write a paper. It took me about a week, in between everything else I have to do before semester end, just to research the paper. However, the research is the hardest part. Writing it will be easy. I’ve always been good at writing papers, and I actually like doing research, on topics of interest anyways. Good thing I like this class. Plus, we got to choose our topic which was nice. I’m writing about the miracles of Jesus in the New Testament. All I can say is that it is going to be hard to keep this paper to its 10 page limit. This is a broad topic.

I’ve actually changed my topic/thesis a number of times so far. I also thought I had the paper arrangement/headings planned and figured out but yesterday rearranged what I had plus added a few sections. I think I finally have it now. SO…this weekend is going to be my “write a paper” weekend. Honestly, I would say I can have this paper done in 5-6 hours (fingers crossed). I definitely could finish it in one day if I just sit down and do it.

I’m glad I already finished my paper due Monday so that is out of the way. Now all I have left is this Religious Studies paper, a presentation, my personal journal and interpretive notebook (both being handed in tonight), my Asperger’s Syndrome wiki, (a group project, basically done I think), my summary of learning in ECMP 355, my final project (a very time consuming Arts Ed. wiki), and this blogfolio. So much and only one week left. I’m glad I have no class tomorrow because I’m planning on getting lots done (on my final project probably).

PS. Sorry to the poor souls who actually took the time to read this. Probably (actually, it is) really boring.

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