About Me

Hi! My name is Angele Delorme. I am a Faculty of Education student at the University of Regina. Here is a bit about me.

My Personal Background

I was born and raised in the area of Tisdale, SK. I went to school from Kindergarten to grade 5 in Sylvania and went to school in Tisdale from grades 6 to 12. From there, I moved on to the University of Regina, where I have just completed my fourth year in the Early Childhood Education Program, which focuses on Pre-K to grade 3.

My favourite things to do in my spare time are to read, watch movies, do jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku puzzles, watch random YouTube videos, and play Solitaire on my computer. It sounds boring but I love it.

I am a lover of animals and rainy days. There is nothing better than standing out in the rain, especially if it is a warm rain. I play the flute and the keyboard. I love spending time outdoor, hiking, camping, and playing sports, especially volleyball and soccer.

I am an organized person, but chaoticly so. My room is a mess but I know where mostly everything is, unlike my sister who’s room is neat and tidy but she can never find what she is looking for. I am a quite soul but open up once I get to know someone. I am a perfectionist of sorts, but I am also a procrastinator. I thrive on leaving things to the last minute. Studying for finals in high school and first year of university involved a brief look over my notes a few times the day before and then a cram session a few hours before I wrote the final. This is the way I found helps me do the best on finals because I have trouble focusing before last minute. However, I have been getting better at finishing assignments early being at university, otherwise, things get crazy. I even finished two paper 5-7 days before they were due this year, a record for me.

My family consists of 6 people: me (of course), my mom Sherry and my dad Pierre, two sisters, Nicole and Chantelle, and my brother Matthew. We also have a collection of cats who come in and out of our lives, Gypsy being a constant, although she is getting really old, and a dog Jessie, who is a 4 year old German Shepherd and Golden Retriever cross (a picture of Jessie is shown on my home page).

As you can probably guess, my favourite colours are orange and black, although Halloween is not my favourite holiday though I do like candy (My favourite holiday is probably Christmas because I love spending time with my family).

Anyways, this is just a bit about me. Through this blog, I am sure you will get to know even more, so enjoy!

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