Is listening to a book reading?

I was lying in bed last night, listening to a couple of chapters of a book on my ipod when I suddenly remembered something from Dean Shareski‘s talk with us last Thursday. I started wondering if, by listening to this book, I was reading. Typically, when I think about reading, I think about reading the words on a page. However, I had some interesting thoughts I wanted to share. First of all, obviously looking at the words on a page is reading, but is visual reading the only kind. I couldn’t decide if listening to a book was reading. Then I thought about being blind. When you are blind, you can’t see but you can still read. You do this by using Braille, in essence, feeling the words rather than seeing the words. Therefore, I came to the following conclusion. If you can read by feeling the words, just as much as you can by seeing the words, why can’t you read by hearing the words. Thus, I have decided that, yes, listening to a book is reading. It is just reading using a different sense than what I normally would.

I would like to know what other’s think. Do you feel the same way as I do, or differently? Why or why not? I am interested in hearing what other’s have to say on this topic so please drop a comment below.

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Tech Task #9 for ECMP 355

This is a picture of my dog Jesse. As my six word story tells you, she is a dog who is full of big smiles, heart, and love for all who give her even the littlest bit of attention.

This is a picture of my cousin. She has spina bifida but does not let that stop her from doing anything and everything she wants to do. She just may take over the world one day. The happiest little girl you will ever meet. An inspiration to all who know her.

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Tech Task #8 for ECMP 355

I really liked this tech task because it definitely relates to what I will have to do as a future educator, namely spreadsheet assessment.  It was nice to refresh my mind, as well as to learn a few new things. I also liked using Google Docs spreadsheets as I have never used them before but am instead used to Microsoft Excel. Google Docs is nice because it allows you to complete and save documents online so you can work on them using any computer, as long as you have internet access.

Here is the link to my Tech Task, which is a spreadsheet and chart showing projected expenses for a university student’s fall term. I hope you enjoy.

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Okay, third post tonight. I should probably stop but I saw this funny video on YouTube and wanted to share it. My favourite part was the ‘Michael Jackson tribute’ starting at 4:02. Let me know what your favourite part was.

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my cactus

I was sitting out in the living room and happened to see my cactus. It is a fishhook cactus, just a baby one. When I came back from reading break, I had noticed that my cactus flowered. I was so excited because this was only the second time since I got it about a year ago. Anyways, I took some pictures but forgot to post them. So here they are.

These are not the best pictures (they’re kinda blurry) but hopefully they capture some of the beauty. Here is a link to a really nice picture of what my cactus looked like (the first picture). Also, the plastic container that my cactus is sitting in has a story behind it. My cactus sit on top of the tv in the living room where it can get lots of light. One day, I was rushing to get the phone and my sleeve caught on one of the cactus hooks, causing it to crash to the floor. The glass pot my cactus was in shattered (and I didn’t even get to the phone in time) so I had to make due and a plastic container got the job.

Right now, the flowers are pretty much gone but I still like how it looks. A bonus of having a cactus ffor a plant is that I can go a month without watering it (I have done this numerous time) and it won’t die. In fact, it looks healthier than ever afterwards. Plus the fact that I dropped my cactus and it’s fine shows how hardy they are.

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A Great Movie

I went to the movie I Am Number Four this afternoon. It was awesome. I would give it a 10/10. When I watch a movie and immediately want to watch it again, I know it was good. It was a very interesting and engaging movie, with a little bit of everything from crazy action and fighting scenes to romance to comedy. There were some tear-jerking moments, some ‘make you jump’ parts and some slightly gory parts. Overall, a great movie. It was anything I could have asked for as a ‘get away and relax’ movie. Well worth the $9.00.

I would greatly recommend this movie. If you happen to have seen it already or are planning to see it, let me know what you think/thought. My sister went with me and didn’t like it as much as I did .She did give it 8/10 though so it couldn’t have been too bad (she said she took off points because I dragged her to the movie with me. However, she is dragging me to Beastly next weekend so I think we are even).

Another movie recommendation is The Losers. Probably my favourite of 2010. I watch this movie way too much (I have it on DVD).

Anyways, back to the homework. Why is there so much?

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Tech Task #7 from ECMP 355

As a podcast, I decided to take a poem, Untitled Poem by Matt Redman, and make a remix of it, adding it to music and playing around with the lyrics a little bit. Wow. I never realized how much time it would take; finding music that worked well together and worked well with the lyrics, part way through changing my mind. I spent hours playing on Myna Audio Editor from Aviary. Just when I thought I was where I wanted to be, I changed my mind. This tech task took a lot longer than I thought it would. At the same time, I had so much fun doing it that I didn’t mind. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my first try at a podcast.

Here is attempt #1.

I kinda like how this one turned out, although I didn’t at the time, which is why I have take 2 below.

Here is attempt #2.

I still don’t feel it turned out the way I wanted. Every time I found a part I liked, I couldn’t find the next part to match up right. As such, it is kind of all over the place, but hopefully not in a bad way.

I think that Myna Audio Editor is an awesome program. I will definitely use it again in the future. And SoundCloud is a great place to host your audio tracks. I really liked this Tech Task as it expanded my technical horizon and got me to try something I probably never would have on my own. Plus, this is a great activity to use in the classroom.

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The neatest videos ever

I was watching random YouTube videos when I happened upon these. I was mesmerized the entire time I watched them. They were so amazing I had to share them.

Sand Art – “Emotions” – SandFantasy

posted by sandfantasy2008

Sand Art by world renown sandartist David Alcala

posted by sandartist1

Sand Art – “Green Dream” – SandFantasy

posted by sandfantasy2008

These videos simply took my breath away! I only wish I could do something as amazing as these artists do.

These are only a few of the many videos I watched about sand art. If you are interested by what you saw here, there are definitely more. Search and watch to your hearts desire. I know I will.

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Tech Task #6 from ECMP 355

This is a short video I made in class with Celeste, Evan, and Ben. It was fun coming up with the idea, shooting the scenes, editing the video, and then adding sound clips to make it all come alive. I think it turned out really well considering it was our first attempt at making a video.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Email-is it really worth it?

So I just finished cleaning out my inbox.  I had a bunch of emails from working on a group presentation.  They were a bunch of doing this and finishing that.  I even had emails from last year that I just didn’t delete.  You know, those emails that you keep just in case they are important.  So instead of deleting them when I should have, I just spent half an hour going through around 100 old emails that I don’t need.  Oh well, at least it gave me something to blog about.

Don’t get me wrong, email is great, but it can also be a hassle.  The last couple of days of emailing my partner for this group presentation back and forth was stressful.  I volunteered to do the write-up for our paper, in which she was supposed to have her part to me by Sunday night, and I still don’t have it.  Granted, we got an extension and it is not due until next week, but we had talked about having it done for tomorrow (the day of our presentation-wish me luck).  Not emails fault but maybe if we had planned to meet face to face, like originally planned, rather than emailing back and forth, we could have had it done already.  Okay, enough of my ranting.  I cant really blame her because I just finished my part yesterday around five.  We’re supposed to be meeting later today to talk about the presentation so we’ll see if face to face is better than email (I think so).

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