Philosophy of Education

Below is a list of some of my many beliefs about education. Please keep in mind that I have many more beliefs, some that I  may not yet realize that I have and some that I believe but that did not come to mind in the creation of this list.

  1. I believe that all students can learn. They may learn at different times and rates, and they may learn in different ways, but they can all learn. If they are not learning, then it is my fault. I am doing something wrong.
  2. I believe that all students have the desire and ability to learn.
  3. I believe that there are many different ways in which students learn (multiple intelligences). Therefore, I need to incorporate the Adaptive Dimension into my classroom.
  4. I believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and interesting for all, while still being informative and educational. Laughter should be a part of every classroom, no matter grade level.
  5. I believe that classroom management is key to running a successful classroom. Organization is important.
  6. I believe that sound is okay as long as it is not disruptive to others. However, quiet is necessary at times, such as while listening to the teacher for directions.
  7. I believe that music is a calming and relaxing way of helping learning take place. Therefore, I will play lots of music in my classroom.
  8. I believe that a classroom cannot be too distracting because it takes away from students the focus that they need to learn.
  9. I believe that if students are struggling, they don’t need more practice but instead to be taught in a different way.
  10. I believe that the classroom should be stress-free environment that promotes rather than hinders learning.
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