Tech Tasks

Tech Task #1-About Me

Answer the following questions in a blogpost:

a) Give a brief description of your own personal background (e.g, school, family, career, hobbies, etc.).

b) Provide some information regarding your attitudes of or previous experience with technology in your own personal, school or work experience.

c) Give insight into how you currently feel towards computing technology in the K-12 classroom. For example, what are the potential benefits or limitations of technology in the classroom? How do you feel technology should or should not be used in K-12 learning environments? What is the impact of new technologies like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, mobile phones, etc., on student learning and achievement?

d) Provide a description of your expectations for this class and from your instructor. What do you hope to accomplish in this class? Is there anything that the instructor should know about your previous experience or lack of experience with technology?

Tech Task #2-Writing Prompts (Questions)

  1. Choose a question that interests you or that you may have knowledge or an opinion about.
  2. Do some research on the topic (e.g., Google search) and try to find what other people think about the topic.
  3. Write a blog post incorporating your knowledge, your opinion, your experience and/or information gathered from your search on the topic.
  4. You may want to list pros/cons, multiple sides of the argument, but do provide a conclusion (even if it is an uncertain conclusion).

Tech Task #3-Media Response

  1. Choose a educationally themed video or presentation. The source is up to you. Find something that interests you.
  2. Watch the video.
  3. Give an outline/description of the Talk.
  4. Critique some of the major ideas (e.g., do you agree with the speaker(s)? On what points do you agree/disagree? Give a rationale for your agreement/disagreement.)

Tech Task #4-Slide & A Message

  • Browse through the Flickr group “Great Quotes About Learning and Change
  • Create your own slide based on what you’ve seen. You can use any tool you like to create it. Powerpoint, PhotoShop (available in the lab), or an online editor like Aviary’s Phoenix might be a good place to start. Royalty free photos can be found using Flickr’s Creative Common search, Google’s advanced image search, or other services (e.g., Compfight).

Tech Task #5-Priceless

Create a ‘Mastercard Priceless’ story using about 4-5 images and audio narration. Once the video is created, upload to Youtube, and embed the video to your blog.

Tech Task #6-The Door Scene

In class, went through the American Film Institute’s ‘door scene’. Complete the door scene in groups, create a video, and upload to Youtube.

Tech Task #7-A Short Podcast

In groups or alone, create one episode of a short podcast, publish it to the web, and embed it into a blog post.

Two types of podcasts are suggested:

  • a typical podcast that includes an intro, an informational or conversational middle segment, and an outro.
  • a musical mashup or remix

Tech Task #8-Teacher Marksheet

1) Follow the instructions highlighted on this page to develop a specific spreadsheet.
2) Complete the assignment using Google Docs

Tech Task #9

Create 2, six word stories based on the following ideas:

  • a current idea you’re exploring
  • a world event
  • something you’re reading
  • a curriculum concept
  • a photo of your own

Be sure to properly attribute your photo.

Tech Task #10

Based on any one or more themes from topic #13 (tools, resources, social networking, identity, collaboration), create substantial blogpost contemplating what these changes will mean for the profession, for schools in the near future, or for your own practice.

Be creative. At the very least, be sure to use some multimedia (visuals or video) or links to support your claims. Link to articles, or other bloggers that support your thesis. This should not be an unsupported opinion piece.

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