Technological Resources

Following are websites, articles, etc. that I found of interest in regards to technology.


1) Create a Graph-use this site to create many different types of graphs

2) Bio-Cube-use this site to create a bio-cube, which is like a summary of a person’s life and can later be used to write a biography. With this site is also the Bio-Cube Planning Sheet.

3) Acrostic Poems-this site helps students brainstorm and create an acrostic poem

4) Character Trading Cards-this site allows students to make character trading cards about a character in a book they have read

5) RubiStar-a free tool to help teachers create online rubrics

6)MotivA+ion Station-a free clip art gallery for educators

5) Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction-especially the intake option, process options, and presentation options

6) Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction-this site gives tons of links to other websites that can be used to differentiate instruction in a classroom


1) Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technology by Doug Johnson

2) a list of some free online teacher tools by Bernie Poole

3) What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology by Bernie Poole

4) Online Teacher Tools by Lorrie Jackson

5) Learning Games for Students in Grades 3-5 by Linda Starr

6) Pre-K-2 Students Play and Learn Online by Linda Starr

7) Tools & Templates from Education World


1) Differentiating Instruction Using Technology-a pdf document with lots of great ideas

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